The ISA Group (comprising of the International Management and Sports College Pte Ltd (IMSC), and International Sports Academy Pte Ltd (ISA) and Teo Heng Group (comprising of Teo Heng Trading Pte Ltd, and Teo Heng KTV Pte Ltd) (“Teo Heng Group”) have announced today that they will be working together to offer some of the ISA’s existing programmes and courses at Teo Heng’s premises around the island.  Under this proposed partnership, ISA Group and Teo Heng Group will work together to offer quality health, wellness, and fitness programmes and courses at Teo Heng Group’s outlets in Singapore.  For starters, and in view of ‘working from home’ being the norm, The ISA Group will first introduce the popular “Basic Sports Massage” class at Teo Heng’s outlet at The Star Vista.  This will teach Singaporeans how they can utilize the concept of sports massage to alleviate common pains and ailments affecting most people as they are working from home.

“We are thrilled to be working with Teo Heng Group in this new initiative to expand our reach, and to offer a conducive environment for our students to attend our classes” explains Mr. Joel Lim, Executive Director of ISA Group.  “The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected many businesses in Singapore, and has made it difficult for us to continue running some of our classes in the usual manner.  However, this pandemic has also offered us many new and unique opportunities to work with partners that we have never thought of, and we are pleased to now work with Teo Heng Group to run some of our programmes out of Teo Heng Group’s premises.  Working with the Teo Heng Group is a no brainer decision for us as Teo Heng is an established local brand with a strong history of offering quality products and services for Singaporeans, and the region.  In times of difficulty, it is important for local businesses to come together, to explore new opportunities for each of us to emerge stronger from this crisis”.

As part of this partnership, The ISA Group and Teo Heng Group will first offer ISA’s very popular sports massage classes out of Teo Heng Group’s outlet at Star Vista.  Interested participants can also utilize their skills future credit to sign up for the class. Both The ISA Group and Teo Heng Group is looking to start the first run of this course on 3 July 2021.  For more information, please visit

The ISA Group, comprising of 2 entities, International Management and Sports College Pte Ltd, and International Sports Academy Pte Ltd, is Singapore’s premiere private education institution with partnerships with the United States Sports Academy, American Council on Exercise, and National Strength and Conditioning Association, amongst many others. The ISA Group’s mission is to develop industry-ready individuals for the future economy, and particular, in the sports and fitness industry. Since its inception, it has provided education, training and employment opportunities in the area of sports and fitness for tens of thousands of students in Singapore, and in the region.

Please contact Joel Lim, Executive Director, IMSC at, and Jean Teo, Executive Director at Teo Heng Group, at for more information.

The ISA 集团(包括国际体育与管理学院,和国际体育学院) 以及张兴集团(包括Teo Heng Trading Pte Ltd, and Teo Heng KTV Pte Ltd) 在较早宣布它们两家集团将会在一起,通过张兴集团遍布全岛的分行提供ISA集团内的体育与保健课程。在现有居家办公的情况下,ISA集团将会开始它们最受欢迎的体育按摩课程,来帮助在家办公的国人疏解肌肉疼痛的症状。接下来,ISA集团也会与张兴集团合作,介绍一系列体康课程给国人,以便提高他们的生活素质。

The ISA集团的执行董事,俊伟言道:“我们很高兴可以和张兴集团以及张仰兴先生合作。因为疫情的关系,而为了照顾我们学生的安全与健康,以及落实安全管理措施,我们一直在寻找恰当的合作伙伴来举办我们的体康课程。张兴集团在新加坡是个老字号,在这十几年为国人提供安全与舒适的环境来唱歌而疏解国人的压力。它们的设施完善,地点也很方便,而最重要的事,张兴的行商理念和我们的集团的理念很相似 – 那就是以诚信为大众提供高素质的产品和服务。所以我们很高兴有这个机会与张兴集团,以及张仰兴先生合作。话说回来,正因为疫情的关系,我们这次才有机会与张兴合作,来共同创造新的商机。我们认为大家在新加坡的中小型企业应该多多配合,来让大家一起度过这疫情的种种困难”。

这次的合作, ISA 集团将会在张兴集团的“Star Vista”的分店先开办体育按摩课程。国人也可以通过他们的 SkillsFuture Credits(精深技能发展基金)来报读ISA 集团的一系列课程 (包括体育按摩课程)。预知更多详情,您可以向

The ISA Group 分为两个学院 —— 国际管理体育学院 (IMSC) 和国际体育学院 (ISA)。The ISA Group 的故事始于2003年,当时为了满足新加坡日益增长的体育教育需求,成立了ISA。


我们把握市场机会,进一步多元化发展,为各行各业提供更多的课程及计划。我们现在已成为一个全面的教育机构, 提供各种培训课程,包括商业管理、运动及体能培训、酒店及旅游管理等课程。此外,我们也提供许多课程来满足市场的需求,如一日研讨会、专业认证课程、文凭和学位(或同等的)课程。IMSC与ISA都会提供这些课程。

预知更多详情,请联络ISA集团的执行董事,林俊伟 at, and Jean Teo, Teo Heng集团的执行董事, at。