ISA is proud to feature Abdul Hadi, our alumni from United States Sports Academy (USSA) Diploma of Sports Science & Management.

Here’s what Abdul Hadi has to say about ISA:

“ISA has provided and offered a lot of opportunities for professional certifications essential for individuals to upgrade themselves. ISA recognizes my experience in the working field as a stretch therapist and that allowed me to pursue my studies further. The most valuable takeaway is that I could apply the knowledge I acquired from the course to my work. The lecturers were also approachable and interactive, thus leaving a good impression.”

Here’s an interview we had with Abdul Hadi,

1. Tell us more about yourself. Why did you pursue and education in Diploma of Sports Science and Management with USSA?

When I was younger, I was actively playing badminton and there were 5 – 6 training sessions a week. As I grew older, I went into bodybuilding as I was trying to attain an ideal physique that I have envisioned. However, due to multiple recurring injuries, it has been put on hiatus.

I live by the sports cultivated code of discipline, hungry for knowledge, commitment and dedication. I decided to pursue my diploma because I honestly felt that ISA is the main center for sports related education Through thorough research, I found out that they offer various professional certification essential for individuals to upgrade themselves as well.

2. What made you choose the route of furthering your studies with a private education institution rather than with a local university?

As I have neglected my studies when I was younger, it wasn’t possible for me to get into a local institution. Hence, my only route was to get into a private institution. Luckily ISA recognizes my experience in the working field and that allowed me to pursue further education.

3. What are some of the areas/modules that you have found useful/interesting in your diploma thus far?

I think that Principles of Health & Fitness and Nutrition module falls under my area of interest, although it’s just one of the many modules in the curriculum.

4. What are the challenges you faced during your studies and how do you overcome them?

I didn’t face any challenges during the course as the educators were well-versed in what they teach and experienced in the fitness industry.

Ultimately, I feel confident in their teachings.

5. What are some of the most valuable takeaways from the programme you took at ISA?

It would be the ability to apply the knowledge I acquired from the course to my work as a stretch therapist and providing more informative advice to my clients.

6. How did you juggle your time between school, work and other commitments?

ISA provides a flexible schedule that allows students to juggle between the various commitments. As a freelancer, this gave me more freedom to allocate my schedule between work and school.

7. Were there any lecturer or staff that have made an impression?

All the lecturers have left an impression in my studying journey. Mr Farij is experienced, practical and knowledgeable. Ms Xiu Quan is very hardworking and dedicated. Mr Melvin is experienced as he is able to relate what he teaches to what we do or can expect in the industry.

8. What are your future plans after completing the diploma.

I would love to further my studies, but I have to focus on getting the funds at the moment.