StickMobility Level 1 Certification Course

Course Duration

14 hours over 2 days

Who is it for?

People Who Take This Course

Certified Personal Trainers

Fitness Enthusiasts

General Public

Entry Requirements

  • Nil

Course Overview

StickMobility is a system that teaches people how to mobilise joints, activate and strengthen tissues, improve co-ordination This course is for fitness enthusiasts and fitness instructors who would like to learn how to use the Mobility Stick to improve range of motion, muscle activation, coordination, and body awareness to build a strong foundation for enhanced movement. Discover how the Mobility Stick can be used to create tension, leverage, stability and body awareness.

Course Schedule (Refer to Brochure for Specific Schedule)

  • 14 hours of Theory Lessons with Practical Demonstration, delivered at Body Fit Training Outram

Assessment (Refer to Brochure for Specific Assessment Details)

  • NIL

Materials to Receive

  • StickMobility Level 1 Certification Course notes

Certificate(s) to Receive

  • Certificate in StickMobility Level 1 Certification Course
    (Upon completion of the course, students will be receive the above mentioned certificate.)

Continuing Education Credits (if applicable):

  • For NASM Certified Personnels: 1.3 NASM CECs awarded upon completion
  • For NCEP Certified Personnels: 1.3 NCEP CECs awarded upon completion
  • For AFAA Certified Personnels: 1.3 AFAA CECs awarded upon completion
  • For PTA Certified Personnels: 1.3 CECs awarded upon completion
  • For NROC Coaches: 10 CCE Hours awarded upon completion

Course Fees

SGD 620.00

* Special Package*

Top up to receive a 3 Stick Bundle and manual:

$328.00 – 3 Stick Bundle: 2 x 6 foot, 1 x 4 foot and manual
$378.00 – 3 Stick Bundle: 2 x 7 foot, 1 x 5 foot and manual

*do note that funding is not applicable for equipment

Fundings (Terms & Conditions apply):

  • SkillsFuture: up to $620.00 for Singaporeans 25 years and above *up to Mar 2022*
  • UTAP: 50% of unfunded course fees (before GST) for NTUC members with minimum 75% attendance rate, capped at $250.00/year for members below 40 years old, and $500.00/year for members 40 years and above *up to Mar 2022*
  • e2i: The special e2i training grant awards $210.00 for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents with minimum 75% attendance rate *up to Sep 2022*


  • NIL

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Student Review

Samantha Li

I chose ISA because it is well-established and has been around longer than other sports academies that I know of. The staff were also more responsive when I enquired about the course. I learnt that personal training is not just about executing a workout plan, but also about one's approach to client management.

ISA Certified Personal Trainer Course (leading to ACE Certification)

Ang Tiong Lin

Despite having the lessons online,  I enjoyed the additional video illustrations as it helped me to understand and visualise the concepts better. The quizzes given at the end of each chapter and the recorded videos were very helpful in my revision and preparation for the ACE Exam. The instructors at ISA are very knowledgeable and helpful in teaching us! They were also able to deliver the course in a very engaging manner.

ISA Certified Personal Trainer Course (leading to ACE Certification)

Julailah Wahid

During the Circuit Breaker, ISA has been keeping us students up-to-date of the latest happenings, safety measures and changes implemented by the school. The staff and instructors are generally well-prepared, which is an essential quality to have during this unprecedented crisis!

ISA Certified Personal Trainer Course (leading to ACE Certification)

Giovanni Magat

I was interested to find out how I can incorporate kettlebells into my own workout, as well as, to learn new knowledge as a Personal Trainer! I enjoyed my time with the instructor and other students where we learnt about the different types of kettlebell workouts and its benefits.”

ISA-SLI Sports Coaching for Kids Certification Course

Nigel Hee

The chapter on human anatomy was the most useful to me. Knowing which muscles are involve in any movement helped me to plan workouts for my clients (and myself) more effectively. It also provides me the solid foundation to understand the other chapters on workout planning and exercise progressions.

ISA Certified Personal Trainer Course (leading to ACE Certification)


With the knowledge I have learnt from the course, I’m able to create a program that is relevant to my clients. If my clients are unable to perform proper squats, I’m able to create squat regression exercises to help correct imbalances and improves their range of motion!

ISA Certified Personal Trainer Course (leading to ACE Certification)

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