This workshop introduces to you advanced sports massage techniques and frameworks through rehab therapy and exercise. It is useful for anyone who is involved with the care and development of anyone who experiences or is at risk of common sports injuries and postural related issues. For those who have trained in basic sports massage, these are skills and concepts that will help augment your ability to better manage a client’s pain, injury and performance.

In this workshop, we discuss the role of the rehab exercise and therapy specialist. We look at the importance of assessment for injury prevention, early and prompt management to common sports injuries and common postural alignment issues. We also discuss the various type of Musculoskeletal management skills that can be used to prevent and treat injuries.

This workshops also discusses the advanced concepts of rehab methodologies used by rehab exercise and therapy specialists such as the Maitland concept that is extensively used in rehab and physiotherapy practice. The Maitland concept is recognized as a safe and effective approach to addressing musculoskeletal injuries or issues.

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