ISA TCM Series – Managing Pain with TCM Techniques (Neck, Knee and Back)

Duration: 4 hours over 1 day per course

Course Duration

4 hours over 1 day per course

Who is it for?

People Who Take This Course

General Public

Entry Requirements

  • Nil

Course Overview

Learn to manage your neck, knee and back pain with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with the ISA TCM Series. Understand the science behind TCM and how you can better manage your pain with Tuina techniques.

Learning Outcome

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Anatomy of the Neck
  • Types of Neck Pain
  • TCM Pain Management (Treatment Principles, Meridian Theory, Locating of Relevant Acupoints)s
  • Introduction to Tuina
  • Mechanism behind the effects of Tuina
  • Range of Application
  • Safe Practice of Tuina – Indications and Contraindications
  • Introduction to Tuina Techniques
  • Tuina Techniques Demonstrations and Practices

Course Schedule (Refer to Brochure for Specific Schedule)

  • 4 hours of Theory Sharing with Practical Demonstration, delivered at ISA Campus

Assessment (Refer to Brochure for Specific Assessment Details)

  • Nil

Materials to Receive

  • Nil

Certificate(s) to Receive

  • Nil

Continuing Education Credits (if applicable):

  • Nil


Course Fees

SGD 85.60 (for 1 course) OR SGD 224.70 (for full series)

Fundings (Terms & Conditions apply):

  • Nil


  • Nil

Next Intake(s)

Due to COVID-19 situation in Singapore and worldwide, we have temporarily halted a number of our workshops. We will be monitoring the situation before deciding when will be a good time to reopen these courses again.

Drop us your contact details below so we can keep you updated once there is an active intake available.

Student Review

Samantha Li

I chose ISA because it is well-established and has been around longer than other sports academies that I know of. The staff were also more responsive when I enquired about the course. I learnt that personal training is not just about executing a workout plan, but also about one's approach to client management.

ISA Certified Personal Trainer Course (leading to ACE Certification)

Kenny Leow

I've chanced upon the ISA-SLI Sports Coaching for Kids Certification on the ISA website and having prior experience working with children, I was interested to increase my knowledge in fundamental skills such as proper communication, psychological aspects and fundamental movement skills for children that are quintessential in becoming a kids sport coach. The lecturers were knowledgeable, experienced and engaging especially during the practical aspects of the course and I have definitely learned a lot from them. I would strongly recommend anyone who is interested in becoming a kids sports coach to take on this course.

ISA-SLI Sports Coaching for Kids Certification Course

Raphael Khoo

I wanted to widen my knowledge in this field and have a clearer understanding. After attending the course, I was able to confidently guide my clients and the people around me with metabolic diseases to better their training perspective and lifestyle as a whole.

ISA Certificate in Exercise Prescription for Special Populations (Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease)

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