ISA Sports Rehabilitation Level 2 Course

Course Duration

21 hours over 3 days

Who is it for?

People Who Take This Course

Certified Personal Trainers

Fitness Enthusiasts

General Public

Entry Requirements

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Course Overview

Get the essential 100% practical knowledge to be the best in Sports Rehabilitation! The participants will be taken through the entire Sports Rehabilitation processes by many case studies. It gives even deeper comprehensive understanding of the latest rehabilitation treatments and tools combining with tailor made corrective exercises, functional and sport specific movement patterns. The course covers all the integrated instrument assisted Sports Rehabilitation processes.

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, dynamic decompression and more than 4 different kind of compression techniques, the most efficient instrument assisted joint mobilization methods, trigger point techniques, dynamic trigger point techniques and the most appropriate Kinesio tape techniques will be covered during Level 2. Special neuromuscular re-setting methods are also added to the program to re-educate the entire system for the optimal signals and replies to get long lasting results and continuous improvement.

Learning Outcome

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Fascia IASTM therapy
  • Sport cupping therapy
  • Dynamic compression band therapy
  • Trigger point therapy in sports rehabilitation
  • Kinesio tape techniques
  • Basic principles of join mobilization
  • Assessing the joint’s range of movement, possible deformities and asymmetries
  • Passive, active manual and instrument assisted joint mobilization techniques
  • Self-mobilization techniques movement patterns, stabilization, mobilization, sport-specific functional strength, power, and speed
  • Injury specialized proprioceptive training
  • Neuromuscular re-set and corrective techniques in different ankle, knee, hip injuries, shoulder injuries

Course Schedule (Refer to Brochure for Specific Schedule)

  • 21 hours of Theory & Practical Lessons, delivered at ISA Campus

Assessment (Refer to Brochure for Specific Assessment Details)

  • Nil

Materials to Receive

  • ISA Sports Rehabilitation Level 2 Course Manual

Certificate(s) to Receive

  • ISA Certificate in Sports Rehabilitation Level 2
    (Upon completion of the course, students will be receive the above mentioned certificate.)

Continuing Education Credits (if applicable):

  • For ACE Certified Personnels: 2.8 ACE CECs awarded upon completion

Course Fees

SGD 770.40

Fundings (Terms & Conditions apply):

  • UTAP: 50% of unfunded course fees (before GST) for NTUC members with minimum 75% attendance rate, capped at $250.00/year for members below 40 years old, and $500.00/year for members 40 years and above *up to Mar 2021*


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Next Intake(s)

Due to COVID-19 situation in Singapore and worldwide, we have temporarily halted all overseas speakers/workshops. We will be monitoring the situation before deciding when will be a good time to reopen these courses again.

Drop us your contact details below so we can keep you updated once there is an active intake available.

Student Review

Amy Heng

I joined this course to increase my knowledge and build a better understanding so as  to help my elders, myself and people around me. With the knowledge learnt, I'm more confident to share and give advice to the people around me who are at risk of  falling. I taught them exercise testings such as balance test and this allowed them to use it in their own exercise.

ISA Certificate in Exercise Prescription for Special Populations (Youth, Elderly and Pregnant)

Vicknesh Naidu

This course has been beneficial in expanding my knowledge in planning exercises for different groups of populations. I was able to plan exercise programs for my friends and clients during their trimesters. It also highlights the importance of weight bearing exercises for the elderly. With that, I was also able to advise older clients to incorporate exercises such as dancing, jogging and stair climbing.”

ISA Certificate in Exercise Prescription for Special Populations (Youth, Elderly and Pregnant)

Haslinda Ali

As a Certified Personal Trainer and Founder of FITFAB, this workshop benefited both my clients and I. I personally think that Kettlebell is one of the most fun and versatile home equipment to use for my own workout and incorporating it to my clients' workouts.  I like how this course has a good balance of both theory and practical element of learning Kettlebell. I enjoyed the session as the instructor (Jacquelynne) taught the lesson in an engaging and fun manner!

ISA Introduction to Kettlebell Course

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