ISA – SFBF Certificate in Bodybuilding & Fitness Training

Course Duration

42 hours over 1 month

Who is it for?

People Who Take This Course

Aspiring Bodybuilder

Fitness Enthusiasts

Entry Requirements

  • Valid CPR certification (you may obtain your CPR + AED certification with ISA at a subsidised rate, if you don’t already have one!)
  • Preferably with basic sports science knowledge and/or at least 2 years of weight/resistance training (not compulsory but highly recommended)

Course Overview

This holistic bodybuilding coaching course encompasses theory components based on sports science concepts, practical components with a posing workshop, an instruction component that includes communication and assessment skills, as well as sports ethics.

Learning Outcome

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will demonstrate competency on the different poses required of the bodybuilding and physique sport via:

  • Understanding the different rules and regulations for the respective categories in bodybuilding and physique competitions;
  • Understanding what judges are looking for in the respective divisions;
  • Determining the right division for the participant’s physique;
  • Executing mandatory and non-mandatory posing routines, including stage walks, transitions and turns;
  • Developing stage presence and confidence in posing through contest stimulation;
  • Reviewing methods to enhance stage presentation (hair, makeup, tan, apparel);
  • Developing basic diet plans for contest preparation and off-season to enhance performance.

Participants will also gain foundation knowledge and skills on muscle hypertrophy and the bodybuilding sport via:

  • Understanding how different systems respond and adapt to hypertrophy-related exercise stress;
  • Describing the mechanisms of hypertrophy, namely mechanical tension, metabolic stress and muscle damage;
  • Describing the factors that influence maximal hypertrophic development;
  • Creating basic programs for maximal hypertrophy and fat loss;
  • Identifying the appropriate exercises to maximize whole-body hypertrophy;
  • Discussing the role of aerobic training in hypertrophy-based routines;
  • Applying the principles of nutrition and supplementation pertaining to bodybuilding and fitness goals;
  • Understanding the role of ergogenic aid and performance enhancement;
  • Identifying sports psychology techniques and strategies involved in assisting the athlete to achieve optimal performance in bodybuilding;
  • Understanding the processes required to organize bodybuilding and physique competitions
  • Understanding the necessary poses required for different categories in competitions

Course Schedule (Refer to Brochure for Specific Schedule)

  • 10 days of Theory + Practical Lessons, delivered at ISA Campus & External Gym (to be advised nearing course commencement)

Assessment (Refer to Brochure for Specific Assessment Details)

  • Theory Assessment, held 1 week after the course
  • Practical Assessment, held 2 weeks after the course

Materials to Receive

  • ISA – SFBF Bodybuilding & Fitness Training Course Manual

Certificate(s) to Receive

  • ISA – SFBF Certificate in Bodybuilding & Fitness Training
    (Upon passing the assessments, students will be receive the above mentioned certificate.)

Course Fees

SGD 1,500.00

Fundings (Terms & Conditions apply):

  • Nil


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Continuing Education Credits (if applicable):

  • Nil

Next Intake(s)

Due to COVID-19 situation in Singapore and worldwide, we have temporarily halted all overseas speakers/workshops. We will be monitoring the situation before deciding when will be a good time to reopen these courses again.

Drop us your contact details below so we can keep you updated once there is an active intake available.

Student Review

Ang Tiong Lin

Despite having the lessons online,  I enjoyed the additional video illustrations as it helped me to understand and visualise the concepts better. The quizzes given at the end of each chapter and the recorded videos were very helpful in my revision and preparation for the ACE Exam. The instructors at ISA are very knowledgeable and helpful in teaching us! They were also able to deliver the course in a very engaging manner.

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Giovanni Magat

I was interested to find out how I can incorporate kettlebells into my own workout, as well as, to learn new knowledge as a Personal Trainer! I enjoyed my time with the instructor and other students where we learnt about the different types of kettlebell workouts and its benefits.”

ISA-SLI Sports Coaching for Kids Certification Course

Brendon Leo

I took up this course because I wanted to learn and know more about this particular group of individuals. It provided me with a better understanding and benefited the people around me as I was not only able to provide advice to the elderlies but also to my younger nieces and nephews when I  train them.

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