American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) Certification Course level 1 & 2 (In-Person Seminar)

Course Duration

This course will be from 9 Jan 2023 to 10 Jan 2023, held in Singapore at:
International Sports Academy
1 Stadium Place, #01-11, Singapore 397628

Who is it for?

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Apsiring Private Swim Instructors

Fitness Instructors

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Entry Requirements

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This course is endorsed by NICA (National Instructors & Coaches Association) and approved by CoachSG:

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Course Overview

Get certified by one of the most recognized and prestigious swim coaches association in the world! With the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA), you will be certified through a progression of courses that has become the world standard for coaching education since 1985, certifying more than 11,000 coaches in more than 18 nations around the globe.

Learning Outcome

ASCA Level 1: The Foundations of Coaching

The ASCA Level 1: Foundations of Coaching covers the fundamental principles of swimming and swim coaching. This course is designed to introduce coaches to the philosophy of sport and empower coaches on the pool deck. Topics covered include swim management, coaching communication, teaching methods, and guidance on developing young athletes.

ASCA Level 2: The Stroke School

The ASCA Level 2: Stroke School builds off the material in the Level 1 School and is designed to educate coaches on constructing the best strokes for their swimmers during practice.  The primary reason parents bring their children to practice is to learn how to swim better – This is where it starts. In this online certification course, you will learn:

  • Biomechanics and Scientific Principles for the Understanding of Swimming Strokes
  • Teaching Progressions for Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle
  • Effective Starts and Turns
  • Skills and Methods for Better Coaching

Course Schedule

  • In-Person Seminar conducted by Chad Onken, CEO and Co-Owner of the Quest Swimming program
  • To complete the course and pass the certification assessments within 2 months from the course commencement date

Online Theory Assessment

  • ASCA Level 1 Certification Exam – 85% to pass
  • ASCA Level 2 Certification Exam – 80% to pass

Materials on ASCA Online Portal

  • Supplemental PDFs (only for ASCA Level 1 Certification)
  • Videos

Certificate(s) to Receive

  • ASCA Certificate Level 1 Certificate of Completion (upon passing the ASCA Level 1 Assessment)
  • ASCA Certificate Level 2 Certificate of Completion (upon passing the ASCA Level 2 Assessment)

Once you have passed the theory assessment, you may obtain the e-certificate directly from the ASCA Online Portal. A hard copy of the certificate may be issued upon request and at additional cost.

Membership (Compulsory)

All participants must sign up as ASCA members to take the course with access to the following:

  • ASCA Talks Library (over 250 ASCA Talks including every ASCA World’s Clinic Talk ever placed online excluding the most recent year’s World Clinic Talk)
  • ASCA Certifications
  • ASCA Discussions on Coaching Talk Library
  • ASCA Newsletter (12 issues per year)
  • American Swimming Magazine (6 issues per year)
  • Exclusive discounts on the ASCA Store (15% off all items)

Course Fees

SGD 390.00 (inclusive of 1-year ASCA membership)

Fundings (Terms & Conditions apply):

  • SkillsFuture: up to $390.00 for Singaporeans 25 years and above *up to Mar 2023*
  • UTAP: 50% of unfunded course fees (before GST) for NTUC members with minimum 75% attendance rate, capped at $250.00/year for members below 40 years old, and $500.00/year for members 40 years and above *up to Mar 2023*

Continuing Education Credits

  • For NROC Coaches: 10 CoachSG CCE Hours awarded upon completion

Continuing Coach Education Training Allowance for Fitness Instructors (applicable for UTAP funded courses endorsed by NICA):

  • The National Instructors & Coaches Association (NICA) was formed by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) to be the collective voice to support freelance coaches and instructors from sports, outdoor learning and adventure, visual and performing arts, fitness and wellness, and enrichment, to strengthen skills, standards and opportunities.
  • In supporting NICA members with skills deepening programmes such as the courses offered by ISA, NICA members enjoy lower course fees through the Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) which provides 50% subsidy of the balance unfunded course fee, up to $250 or $500 per calendar year (for NICA/NTUC union members aged 40 and above).
  • Click here to find out if you are eligible for the grant.
  • If you wish to be part of a bigger voice for coaches and instructors, please sign up to be a NICA member at: (Note: to indicate ‘NICA’ under the field for Company Name)
  • Find out more about NICA at: or

Continuing Coach Education Training Allowance for NROC Registered Coaches (applicable for courses approved by CoachSG):

  • The Continuing Coach Education Training Allowance for coaches is a grant provided to eligible coaches to encourage them to actively engage in continuous learning and be current in their knowledge and skills during this period where their work is impacted by the Covid-19 restrictions.
  • Eligible coaches may claim $7.50 for each claimable hour for CoachSG organised CCE workshops/listed courses to a maximum of $300 per person until 31 March 2023.
  • Click here to find out if you are eligible for the grant.

Course Brochure

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Chad Onken

Course Instructor

chad (1)

Chad Onken is the CEO and Co-Owner of the Quest Swimming program in his hometown of Midlothian, Virginia. He started with Quest on January 1st, 2019. Primarily known for the discovery and development of world record holder, NCAA Champion, and 2008/2012 US Olympic Gold Medalist Cullen Jones, Chad has over 20 years of elite championship coaching experience throughout age group, high school, YMCA, and NCAA championship swimming. In addition to being a Level 5 certified coach by the American Swimming Coaches Association, Chad is also a six-time recipient of the ASCA ‘Award for Coaching Excellence’.

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Student Review

Amy Heng

I joined this course to increase my knowledge and build a better understanding so as  to help my elders, myself and people around me. With the knowledge learnt, I'm more confident to share and give advice to the people around me who are at risk of  falling. I taught them exercise testings such as balance test and this allowed them to use it in their own exercise.

ISA Certificate in Exercise Prescription for Special Populations (Youth, Elderly and Pregnant)

Vicknesh Naidu

This course has been beneficial in expanding my knowledge in planning exercises for different groups of populations. I was able to plan exercise programs for my friends and clients during their trimesters. It also highlights the importance of weight bearing exercises for the elderly. With that, I was also able to advise older clients to incorporate exercises such as dancing, jogging and stair climbing.”

ISA Certificate in Exercise Prescription for Special Populations (Youth, Elderly and Pregnant)

Haslinda Ali

As a Certified Personal Trainer and Founder of FITFAB, this workshop benefited both my clients and I. I personally think that Kettlebell is one of the most fun and versatile home equipment to use for my own workout and incorporating it to my clients' workouts.  I like how this course has a good balance of both theory and practical element of learning Kettlebell. I enjoyed the session as the instructor (Jacquelynne) taught the lesson in an engaging and fun manner!

ISA Introduction to Kettlebell Course

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